ARTEESTIC – funny tee shirts styles by genuine artists

August 16, 2022 0 Comments was born from the like for innovative styles as well as great metropolitan fashion. Its founder, Stefan, wished to produce a hub for genuine artists who produce street fashion with their art. Stefan is a web designer based in London with years of experience in digital jobs as well as creating for the web, however he had never created clothes up until Arteestic. The difficulty was to bring his innovative concepts into the garments market as well as produce cool, different tee styles with a statement. objective accomplished – Arteestic introduced with over 30 tee shirts styles in a lot more than 10 colors, created by different illustrators from around the world.
Each of the Arteestic styles has its own message as well as tells a story.
“What’s the point in wearing something that doesn’t make an impression, just for the benefit of not being naked? Life is as well short for dumb t-shirts!” believes Stefan.
You can discover all kind of crazy ideas: high rat, drunk skunks, queen zombie, owl drinking tea, mouse holding a human, hands developing a brain, etc. The site is one more thing that I truly like – the white background enables me to enjoy the designs, I can shop for my tee shirts by color as well as speaking of color,  I will state it once again – I appreciate lines that add bright ones like orange, green, yellow as well as purple. I understand grey works well with the majority of styles however lots of clients will likewise extremely take pleasure in having a broader variety of options. Each tee shirts has information about the fabric, delivery, care direction as well as size chart – whatever is made simple for you to understand precisely what you are buying. as for designs, I like the Don Gorlleone as well as the Her Zombajesty ones.
The logo of the brand is a excellent piece of art, too, resonating with the concept of creative t-shirts. Can you area the pencil as well as the t-shirt?
They release one new style weekly as well as you can always discover some affordable gets in their SALE section. the very best part – any individual can submit their t-shirt’s style as well as offer it in Arteestic’s marketplace, getting a portion of every offered item. 
ARTEESTIC – funny tee shirts styles by genuine Artists
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