What Are Your finest Memory Tricks?

August 13, 2022 0 Comments

As I moved my pill bottle from one side of the sink to the other this morning, I wondered: What are a few of your finest techniques for remembering things? They can be huge or little…
This is type of on my mind for a reason — over at CorporetteMoms we’ve started a series on sharing the mental tons connected with different parts of marriage, parenting, etc. (Today we’re speaking about the mental tons connected with home tasks!) Anyhoo, I’m realizing exactly how much energy it takes in my head to keep in mind things if I don’t have a technique for it. truly random example: I understand my other half as well as I want to think about updating our will every few years to reassess possible guardianship of the kids. Years! This ought to be completely off my radar! as well as yet it pops into my head at least twice a month as well as triggers me stress, both since of the topic as well as the simple truth that I requirement to keep in mind it. In truth I’m going to go calendar it as well as see if that assists me fail to remember it. Sigh. Ooh, or perhaps I’ll tie it to one of my kids’ birthdays. Hmmn.
Some of the things I do are:
Moving pill bottles from one side of the sink to the other: If a bottle is on the left side of the sink, I understand I’ve taken those pills.
Visualizing myself remembering it: This is perhaps strange, however if I state to myself, “Self, don’t fail to remember to bring your hat when you leave today,” I’ll imagine my hand hovering near the elevator button or doorknob as well as try to pair it with the believed of “HAT!?!” For some reason the much more particular I am the much better it seems to work for me.
Habit stacking: I tend to do a lot of things at when every day. I take all my AM vitamins together (I just type of shake a lot into one ramekin from each jar; they all look different sufficient that I keep in mind what’s what), in addition to my PM vitamins. On Sundays I meal prep the exact same few things for the week (we typically defrost chicken, soak some beans, as well as I’ll try to believe about two lunches for every kid).

Write things down in the exact same location repeatedly: I compose close friends’ birthdays on the wall calendar we use, as well as then copy the calendar the next year — if someone’s birthday is may 1, I tend to compose it at the end of April, in addition to on the day. one more calendar trick: I am permanently amazed by major birthdays as well as holidays, so I try to compose bit notes to myself at the beginning of the month. begin believing about a birthday celebration for X? book restaurant for Mother’s Day!
Pair actions with random dates: For example, if it’s the 1st or 15th of the month it’s a set off for me to laundry my delicates.
Cheats for grammar: For grammar things I tend to have bit cheats that aren’t rather mnemonics — for “stationery” I keep in mind there’s an E in it for eraser, which implies stationary is the one for lack of action.
(Oh! I just believed of a kid-related suggestion I’ve heard that may save a life: if you drive your kid to daycare, put your left shoe in the backseat with them — then you’ll never unintentionally leave them in the car. If you don’t have youngsters it seems crazy — exactly how might you potentially fail to remember your kid?! — however it sadly happens, as well as on hot, sunny days it can be fatal.)
How about you, visitors — what are your finest suggestions as well as techniques to keep in mind things both huge as well as small?

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