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DOUGHBOY Collection
Doughboy is an outstanding collection of tee shirts that I truly want you men to support . I understand it is based on an concept already check out by a well understood tee shirts brand owner as well as the style of this collection is influenced by pop culture however I like the execution of these. The style is precisely what I expect to see on graphic t-shirts, if you are not completely faithful to minimalist designs. as well as the cupcake toys – are so cool! Those are really the tee shirts packaging. I believe it is a appealing project, that needs to happen, because I’ve seen a great deal of poor ones get funded in the end. This ought to have no problem in that respect.
The brand owner is Joel Fontane – the  brand concept was influenced by his mom, a baker as well as wonderful cupcake maker. integrating this with his like for movies, there came out the Doughboy concept. He was joined by designer Felix LaFlamme, he tried to discover as much as possible about starting a company, got hold of an organisation called the Prince’s Trust, which guided him on where to begin as well as what things to look out for. After discovering the best producers for the toy/packaging the final step is funding, as well as this is where Kickstarter came into play.
The tee shirts are 100% ringspun cotton. They will all be labelled, with a number, as they are produced. because the tee shirts are all limited, Joel believed it would be awesome for people to understand which number tee shirts they got. The numbers will represent the purchase they were made. They will have a printed neck label showing size as well as laundry guide.
Doughboy tee shirts on KickstarterDoughboy tee shirts on KickstarterDoughboy tee shirts on KickstarterThe Packaging:
The packaging is 25cm tall by 15cm wide. It will have a hollow middle as well as a head that pops open, to store the tee shirts inside. It is constructed out of PVC vinyl, as well as is created in a toy factory in China. In future I will be having numerous different characters, even some infant characters, for the youngsters line we have in mind. ideally these will ended up being collectables, as they will likewise ended up being restricted editions.
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